Facebook Rolls Out New Profile Pages

In a continuous effort to keep pages new, innovative and all-encompassing, Facebook has rolled out a new profile look for those who are wanting to “convert”—though it’s hard to believe they will give users much of an option.

The new profiles, which aim to provide you with as much information as possible upon first glance, shift popular pictures to the top and show a user’s information directly across the top. It seems to deter any need to search through a profile to find out something about someone, and as a part of a recent trend, is certainly utilizing more graphics and getting rid of texts.

Surprisingly, the transition hasn’t come with much resistance: it’s fairly typical for some sort of outcry to occur as a result of the changing of home pages—the last change was pretty dramatic for most people, and some people still haven’t recovered from the way Facebook handles news feeds and updates.

But those critical of the oh-so-public nature of Facebook say that this newest update is just another way for people to expose more private, not-for-all-eyes information that people should be weary of sharing. CEO Mark Zuckerberg describes this as “[giving] you this amazing connection with that person in a way that the current version of the profile that we have today just doesn’t do.”

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