Google Releases 2010 Internet Zeitgeist List

With Yahoo! just releasing their own top-10 searches of 2010, it’s no surprise that the world’s newest dictionary word would bring in their overpowering voice and show us what was most popular in 2010.

Though the scale is much larger than Yahoo!, Google still succumbs to most of the same searches that Yahoo! did, albeit a little faster and more expansive. Chatroulette, Justin Bieber and iPad were the top three in terms of rising quickly through the boards, while Twilight, Susan Boyle and “Myspace layouts”—really?—zapped through productivity and left managers wondering why headphones had become so popular in the workplace.

In tech, just like general search, “iPad” dominated the field, followed by the iPhone 4 and HTC Evo 4G.

Unsurprisingly, Google also released an awfully clever video to demonstrate what was most popular, but their microtrends site provides even better material: not only can you search my region and time frame, but you can see an ever-expansive list of top 10s, my personal favorite being the top 10 falling, which bear a striking resemblance to the media’s treatment of the same issues. Topping the chart there is “swine flu,” followed with “wamu” and “new moon.”

You can also filter by the top global events—haiti earthquake, Olympics, gulf oil spill, world cup and ash cloud—and see how they trended according to region. Filtering by world cup, for example, and going over to June/July, you’ll see that the trends are pretty abundant, and gradually wither away as the summer fades.

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