Marc Ecko Taps Foursquare for New Anti-Corporal Punishment Campaign

Famed fashion designer Marc Ecko is planning to launch his own personal crusade against continued corporal punishment in schools using social media as his main weapon. Set to debut at SXSW, Ecko’s project, dubbed “Unlimited Justice”, utilizes a special Foursquare-integrated phone app that allows users to view information about attacks made in certain schools upon their entry.

Accounts of paddlings and other such disciplines are detailed in a blow-by-blow manner, which is designed to both shock and inform. In addition to Foursquare, Unlimited Justice is also comprised of an app that both faxes and emails custom messages from users to their elected officials; essentially reinventing the tried and true suggestion of writing a letter to one’s Congressman but hopefully now with more frequency and effect.

Moreover, Ecko has laid out the campaign essentially as an epic social game for good by allowing users to rack up virtual points by executing actions such as visiting troubled schools, sending messages to their representatives, connecting with others online to voice their concerns, etc. The designer hopes that this first stage of engagement will ultimately lead to new, citizen journalists who become proactive in reporting school violations and hopefully help outlaw it once and for all.

Unlimited Justice stands as yet another extension of Ecko’s educational reform efforts that he has spent nearly the past decade engaged with despite increased frustration with government bureaucracies hindering his efforts. Only now after seeing the fast and widespread impact a concentrated social media outreach can have does the designer finally see some possible light at the end of the tunnel.

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