My Top 5 Social Media Discoveries This Year

My Top 5 Social Media Discoveries This Year

It’s the last Friday of the year and that means a time for reflection on the year that just passed. It’s been a busy year, filled with IPOs, social media crisis, new networks, and some acquisitions. In honor of all this, I give you my top 5 social media discoveries for 2012:

#1 Yelp App – I may be late to this party, but the Yelp App for iPhone killed my Foursquare habit. Even though I do still check in, I rarely use Foursquare for discovery or reviews anymore. Maybe 2013 will be the year I finally start reviewing places on Yelp.

#2 New Myspace – The promo video captured my heart when it first came out and once I got my beta invitation all I did was talk about how awesome New Myspace was to anyone that’d listen. It’s beautiful and I think it might actually stick.

#3 RockMelt (for iPad) – I remember Rockmelt when it was in beta as a browser in 2010 and was excited when in the fall of this year they relaunched it as an iOS app. I love it on my iPad, way more than FlipBoard for reading news. I dig social discovery though, and my only wish is that more of my friends actually used the app.

#4 Google+ Hangouts – Again, perhaps late to the party/new to me on this one, but I switched all my team calls to G+ Hangouts this year. With my team becoming increasingly scattered, I was struggling with creating the feeling of a team environment. Enter G+ Hangouts. Super fun and super productive. And now I know that all my team members know what their teammates look like in real life versus our Skype/Twitter/Google avatars. This is still the only time I use Google+, sorry.

#5 All The Free Analytics Tools– Too many to list, but I can start with Pinpuff, Pinerly (now Reachli), Statigram, Kred’s redesign, etc. The number of free tools (or freemium) out there this year crammed my inbox. There’s a lot of great tools out there, especially when you’re looking for ways to measure emerging networks and engagements.



2014-12-21 11:18:37