Social Media and Content Scheduling: Don’t Set it & Forget it.

Social Media and Content Scheduling: Don’t Set it & Forget it.

Time-management-clock-smallSocial networks are such an integral part to growing a business – serving as an outlet to establish and amplify online brand presence, while allowing businesses to provide support and content to its fans. Unfortunately, social media management can be a daunting  task – as discovering/curating new content is time consuming, along with providing support to customers in a timely manner.

Thanks to a vast selection of content discovery tools and scheduling suites, social media management can be simplified to allow time for other tasks such as engagement and support via social networks. One problem that several businesses encounter when using these tools though, is that they often schedule content too far ahead of time – leaving the content irrelevant or too late, reducing its impact.

So what’s a general rule to follow when using scheduling suites like HootSuite and Buffer? We recommend scheduling content at the very most, 3 days ahead of time, which allows you to keep fresh content available to your readers while still keeping its relevance. Make sure that most of your scheduled content isn’t time sensitive, as most people will have probably heard of something like the new iPhone within hours of its release.

Another issue worth noting when using social media scheduling tools, is that you should never set it and forget it. Your time saved by using these tools should always be used on other areas of social media – like engaging with fans, promoting growth, or even finding new content – and most importantly, keeping up with the latest and most important news.


The last above reason is extremely important, to save you and your business from a social media crisis. Within the recent years, brands such as the NRA and Live Nation have failed to take action on badly timed scheduled tweets, which involved very controversial news. The results of this kind poor social media management left a lot of unhappy fans and customers, affecting the brands – even though the tweets were unintentional. Learning from these experiences, it’s important that you stay on top of your social media and treat it like a full time job. The virtual reality of the internet is just as important is the real world.

Social media management tools can be a huge help, when utilized correctly – but they are no replacement for a social media manager. With the importance of social media in today’s business mechanics, hiring someone to manage your social media assets should be a priority, regardless of the automation tools available at your disposal.  Do you have someone managing your social media, and what are your favorite tools create a smoother workflow?

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