Social Media Blog Carnival – September 24, 2008

Welcome to the September 24, 2008 edition of social media blog carnival.

Hans presents 10 Strategies to Create Valuable Content Based on Existing Material posted at Blogging Tips to Develop a Successful Blog – CatchThePosts!, saying, “In this article I’ll be focusing on 10 strategies that will allow you to create new content based on existing material. Thus, I will bring your attention on how to transform or revisit articles and data to create valuable content.”

Cross Cultural Sales presents Think Global Act Local posted at Cross Cultural Sales, saying, “I just had a conversation with someone from an office in France. We were discussing her company website and the decision (made in USA) to only have a US site. This decision was odd because more than half the company is located outside the US and other than and address and phone number, there was no reference to foreign offices.”

Culture Widget presents Widgipedia: Wikipedia for widgets posted at Culture Widget, saying, “There are a lot of widgets out there. So many, in fact, that sorting through them can be absolutely daunting. Joining the fray of sites that attempt to solve this problem is Widgipedia, a site that catalogs and hosts widgets, both Web-based and downloads.”

International Business Ideas presents Website Globalization: 4 Success Elements For International Business Development posted at International Business Ideas, saying, “A little internet surfing and you will see that some companies have websites in over 10 languages. More and more businesses are offering over 20 languages. The increase in language choices is rising each year. Deciding how many languages and which languages to use for your website takes time. How do you decide which languages to use when translation costs can be expensive and cultural marketing mistakes are notorious?”

European Business Coach presents European Business Coach posted at European Business Coach, saying, “Bit Literacy – Productivity in the Age of Information and E-mail Overload is a book written by Mark Hurst. It covers many different tips to help improve your productivity in today’s age of information overload. Let’s do the To Do List.”

Faster International Sales presents Guide To International Lead Generation posted at Faster International Sales, saying, “This is just one of the marketing strategies in the “Business Guide 4 – Build Your International Marketing Strategy” essential for effective international business development. Be sure to check them both out.”

Sherin Devassy presents Invest in future top models posted at Investment Internals.

International Success Basics presents Case Study For Getting Your Website Visible In Japan posted at International Success Basics, saying, “The Proper use of Foreign Language Keywords”

Richard McLaughlin presents My New Browser Google Chrome posted at Oh, the Places You’ll Go, saying, “What Google is calling ‘a fresh take on the browser’

Google spent a lot of time building an Explorer killing web browser which they have called Chrome. Google Chrome allows users to browse, search, chat, email and collaborate so much more in a browser that is faster than any of the others that I use. I use Firefox for the plugins, Opera when I want to browse because it does nto ahve the plugins and so it is faster, Flock, Safari and Explorer as test browsers for the sites that I work on (all browsers have to work!)”

Brian Terry presents Blogging Your Way to Big Traffic posted at Big Yellow Blog of Turbo Marketing Secrets, saying, “Having a blog means one thing: in order for you to be successful, you need to be able to generate a constant stream of traffic to your blog. You need to have traffic; otherwise, you’ll be getting nowhere with respect to your goals. So how can you blog your way to big traffic?”

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Richard P. McLaughlin presents Who or What is Woopra? posted at Cheap Keywords, saying, “Woopra is a Web analytics tool designed from the ground up to break all the rules for website statistics and monitoring. Woopra gives you the information you need to know right now about live traffic on your site. While the visitor moves through your site, you can track their path instantly.”

Heather Johnson presents 50 Great Online Networks and Communities for Christians posted at Christians Do It Better.

Social Media Strategy

Sagar Satapathy presents Top 25 (Non-Obvious) Ways RSS Can Make Your Life Easier posted at Virtual Hosting.

Raymond presents The Best Credit Card Rewards For Google Ads and Search Advertising posted at Money Blue Book.

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