Twitter has acquired Social TV Analytics company, Bluefin Labs

Twitter has acquired Social TV Analytics company, Bluefin Labs

bluefinLast week, Twitter made an announcement that it would be acquiring Bluefin Labs, a company who specializes in Social TV Analytics. This is a big step for Twitter, because if you didn’t know already, Social TV integration has been a huge part of the social network’s driving force  for the last couple of years.

So what does this mean? And where will this new acquisition make Twitter stand in the realm of Social TV? Well, not much has been said in terms of what the deal entails for the future, so we can only speculate. For now, Twitter has released a  quick blog.

We think that this new acquisition is going to help Twitter create a Social TV feature within the social media platform, such as built-in live statistics and conversations which would eliminate the need for third party Social TV apps.  Chances are that Twitter will also include some sort of analytics for shows, brands, and television networks based off of Bluefin Lab’s expertise.

The acquisition purchase price was estimated at around $70 million, as Twitter says “We plan to collaborate closely with Nielsen and SocialGuide on product development and research to help brands, agencies, and networks fully understand the combined value of Twitter and TV.”

What do you think of Twitter’s new acquisition of Bluefin Labs? And where do you think it will take Social TV?

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