Use Twitter’s New Vine Video App for Business

Use Twitter’s New Vine Video App for Business

vine-app-iconVideo is one of the most engaging media available to build your brand’s awareness and it’s now easier to use than ever with Twitter’s recent unveiling of its Vine app ( The free download lets you channel your inner Scorsese by taping a 6-second-long or less video on your iPhone or iPod and upload it to Twitter where it plays, along with your tweet, in a loop.

Six seconds may not seem like a long enough amount of time to get your message across so let the short running time inspire you to be creative. Try to capture the essence of your company. If you’re a restaurant, put together a fast-paced montage of your dishes. Bring the public inside with some quick shots of your company headquarters like HubSpot did ( You could even try your hand at stop-motion animation, like Nikki Mans’ “Yam Bully”:  Or hold a contest where you ask your followers to submit their own videos with your hashtag for a prize.

You can find hundreds more examples at or enter “” and the search term of your choice in Twitter’s search window. Remember that this is a new platform so most of the videos are going to be more raw than polished but also should liberate you from worrying that your video isn’t professional enough.

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