Why Be Involved in Social Media?

1003019_tween_girl_with_laptop.jpgI recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico to attend the wedding of one my very good friends. On the flight back I noticed the airline stewardess doing some cross-stitching. In my half-asleep state I marveled to myself, “why?”

Why would anyone cross-stitch?

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love cross-stitching. Kept my hands busy and you get pretty cool stuff when you’re done, but it’s not my passion any more. Without even thinking it I became a cross-stitch hater.

Which leads me to the subject of technology and social media. Recently Scoble addressed this question, why do we get excited about this stuff? And the reason is fairly easy – it’s all about passion.

I’m a writer by nature. If you looked at my coloring books from when I was growing up you’ll notice there are more words than colored pages. I would write my name and all the words I knew. My favorite parts of school were writing stories and reading stories. I had a passion early on to write.

That passion grew into all forms of media in college. Through my best friend Andrew Wills I learned about radio, video, design and other forms of communication. I used my writing skills to share what I thought, what I knew and what I felt. During my senior seminar my professor divided the class into print media, video majors and radio majors. When he got to me he made me sit in between all the groups and jokingly said, “Tabitha is a jack of all trades media gal.”

Then came social media as a career and all of the sudden I could use all of my skills in one space. Design? Check. Writing? Check. Audio? Check! I started blogging, podcasting, Myspacing and everything else that came along. Why? Because I have a passion to communicate. I have a passion to share things I know creatively. And, I have a desire to connect with people.

But if that’s not your passion, social media can become a distraction, a productivity waster, and you won’t ‘get’ why I spend my time Twittering, blogging, podcasting and Flickring.

I think the major “hatred” of social media and technology is that people are so busy trying to monetize their life that they forget the simple pleasure of just doing something because you can.

So evaluate based on your passions, not just how much money you’ll make off this particular task. And if you like to cross-stitch? More power to you. If not, then find something you are passionate about and pursue it to the enth degree.

Just don’t complain about my Twittering k? I’m getting counseling.

3 Responses to “Why Be Involved in Social Media?”

  1. Frank Martin says:

    So true! There are many who do not see web 2.0 interaction as anything other than a total waste of time. But the opportunities for education, interactive and networking have never been better on the web than they are now. Good post!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Frank! 🙂


  3. Ron says:

    Hi, it’s me again!
    One more thing…how did you post that widget from BlogRush, the Blogosphere one on WordPress? Cuz I know it’s a javascript and it didn’t work on mine.
    Please let me know when you can…thanks much!


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